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  1. L. Hancock

    The first Gamo Whisper I got was very inaccurate, and it got worse. Also, I could not get laser anywhere near the crosshairs without shimming it. Contacted Gamo, who told me to send the gun to them. I received a brand new a few weeks later, there was very accurate and everything worked fine. Took it camping in Montana and my sons and I had fun the night shooting cans with laser (between the legs, behind his back, etc.).

  2. Visa

    I like the fact that this rifle is light, but in my opinion, produce the gun the same noise level as any of my other airguns. Moreover, the gun does not shoot exactly the same place. I had observed-in a number of occasions, but sitll not shoot as it should. It looks like the volume or something is moving.

  3. Warren

    Easy installation of the scope and laser pointer. Shoots really well and noise reduction really works.

  4. Mike

    The rifle worked fine, but was much higher than I expected from a product named “Whisper.” Closer to what I would expect from a .22 than from a pellet rifle, but it is much more powerful than the pellet gun I had as a kid, so I’m not too worried about it. When I received the pistol, the three LR-44 batteries for the laser forces in their plastic wrap. Hoping to get them replaced, I had 30 + minutes on the support line. . . No response. Long Distance Calling for me, and it is not free. Called back three different times and got sent to an answering machine with the message that the aid was unavailable. I think so. I hope I have no serious problems down the road. The rifle works fine and the price was fair, but I’m not impressed with the service.

  5. whoda

    first sent back to quility issues, this one is fine, hope to enjoy this for many years

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